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Documentary Film Series on Folklore Dances

Folklore Culture over the years had come to be regarded as a lost phase of man's heritage. Folk expressions are always creative. There are the impressions and experiences of the people, not imitative copies of anything. The folk music, dance, songs, paintings, articles, crafts, costumes..etc., has the cries of nature, of space, of the whole environment, this is what mankind is trying to do, and though it is hard to graft the past out of its context on to the emerging present, one can still breathe its flavour and get invigorated.folklore today is considered as a Social Science, having some relations with Archeology, History, divine power and popular literature.


It is a common knowledge that through folklore, we aspire to reconstruct the spiritual history of man not by the poems, songs and art works, but by the more or less inarticulate voices of the folk people. For its documents, it has both written and unwritten traditions and literature, chronicles, poems and law codes reflecting folk ways as well as collections made by folklorologists.

As the domain of folk art has been widened to cover all most every branch of the social science and its ancillary ones having humanistic approach. Folklore touches every aspect of the tradition and legend as well as other lore relating to plants, animals, stars etc.
Folklore embraces folk culture as a whole. The antiquity of the country is provided by the maintenance of tradition and culture of the people of the country. In this programme, as a first phase, folk dances of Karnataka will be covered giving attention for each and every aspect of costumes, music, musical instruments, style of dance, meaning of the lyrics, belief based on the region.

The following are the few dances being covered :

(1) Rangada Kunita (2) Durugu Murugi (3) Somana Kunitha (4) Bhootharadhane (5) Nagaradhane (6) Gondara Mandala Kunitha (7) Veerabhadranna Aradhane (8) Veerabhadranna Kunitha (9) Veeragase (10) Kase Kunitha (11) Puravanthike (12) Yallamanna Aradhane (13) Choudike (14) Jogathi Kunitha (15) Gondaligaramela (16) Bhoothera Kunitha (17) Malle Madeshawara and Manteswami Aradhane (18) Kamsale (19) Neelagara Mela (20) Mailaralingana Aradhane (21) Gorawara Kunitha(22) Dollu Kunitha (23) Dollina Kaipattu (24) Vaghamurali (25) Kurubara Datti Ata (26) Moharam Aradhane (27) Moharam Kunitha (28) Alai Hejje (29) Alavi Kunitha (30) Karapala Mela (31) Lavani Sampradaya (32) Bhajane Sampradaya (33) Bhagavanthike (34) Kol Atta (35) Jade Kol Atta (36) Benki Bolokina Kol Ata (37) Nandi Dwaja Kunitha (38) Pata Kunitha (39) Panjina Kunitha (40) Koragara Kunitha (41) Lambani Kunitha (42) Karadi Majalu (43) Tamate Vadana (44) Dombara Ata (45) Khadgha Nruthya (46) Koravanji (47) Kombu Kahale (48) Yakshagana (49) Sutrada Bombe Ata (50) Thogalu Bombe Ata.