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B.N. Chandra Kanth
Creative Director

Journalist turned Director of Documentaries, Ad-films, TV serials. His Documentaries have spread over to different subjects which have won National and International recognition. The idea, concept and treatment are well synchronized. It will be delightful to watch his documentaries which gives not only information. But also education, His talent also extends in the field of cartooning.

B.N. Vasantha Kumar
Creative Director of

Silent and strong, just like the images he captures, Natural and bright like the lights he uses. His camera moves like your eyes. Loves to work with natural light to film from monuments to miniatures. His work has been applauded by Press and public. In addition to this, thousands of his slides and photographs on several subjects have won critical acclaim.


As a travel destination. India is unequalled and unparalleled. From the snow capped mountains of Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari washed by three seas, every inch of the Indian canvas is breathtakingly beautiful. The country smiles through tradition and culture, folk dances centuries old, sings through timeless classical compositions, whispers through unique architecture and lives on in matchless culture. Our section of stills, slides, CDs and DVDs and video clippings take you on visual journey of India and offer you a large selection of high quality images.